Tips to Selecting a Great Research Paper Topic – with Examples

A research topic refers to the subject or issue of interest while conducting research. It is an essential element in any paper, whether qualitative or quantitative. Choosing appropriate topics is among the most challenging parts of the research paper writing process. So, how do you tell if a topic is good or not? Let’s understand the tricks for selecting a great topic for a research paper, thesis, essay, or other academic paper.

Selecting a topic is an ongoing process where a researcher should explore, define, and polish their ideas. Conducting relevant research is a strong contributing factor to writing quality papers. Your topic should neither be too general nor too narrow.

Are you wondering what makes a cool research topic? Or why the professor declined your thesis topic or question? Look no further – this article narrows down the factors of an outstanding research topic. At SmartWrite, we advise our writers to observe these elements while writing papers. You don’t have to rewrite your proposal a couple of times.

I learned the basics of a research paper topic selection the hard way -rewriting the topic and project, the topic being declined, and poor researching, among others. Fortunately for you, this article will summarize the research selection process, ideas, and requirements.

Read on to understand how I compose excellent and researchable topics for our clients. The article would also guide you on how to transform the topic into an outstanding research project. As much as finding an excellent research question is fundamental, you should learn how to write excellent papers. You may also hire writers for research papers to take you through the process.

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Here we go – five major factors of cool research paper topics…

What Makes Research Paper Topics Great?

The outcome of a research project highly depends on the choice of a topic. Therefore, one must be extra careful to choose a doable topic and conduct an extensive literature review. Also, there should be a theoretical basis in support of the topic and be interesting to the researcher.

Besides, the topic should, at least, aim to bridge a certain knowledge gap or suggest solutions to a particular problem. You want to make sure that your research paper is outstanding, doable, and relevant. Your understanding of the topic, and the research process, affects the quality of your research project.

Here are the five basic factors that will help you develop outstanding research paper topics for college.

#1: Does it Interests You?

Be sure to select a topic that you are interested in or that you are curious about. You would be more willing and motivated to explore further into a topic that you are enjoying.

Your research project should have a wider scope – but not too wide to explore. Even if a research topic is popular or trending, do not make the mistake of selecting it unless you have some genuine interest in it.

For instance, if your interest is technology, do not select a topic in gun control. However, if you much into gun legislation or control, consider a topic like – Do states that allow citizens to carry guns have higher or lower crime rates?

Most importantly, your interest should match your course. If you pursued a course that interests you, I believe you would like to explore it further. The professor expects you to apply class theories and materials to compile your research project. Therefore, make sure your interest matches your career or course.

Here comes the second factor of an outstanding research topic…

#2: Availability of Research Materials

Even if you select a great research paper topic and are very excited to explore it, your research project would have limited information if there is no substantive previous research. There is no harm in suggesting an entirely new topic. But at least, there should be some theoretical context surrounding it.

You don’t want to introduce a concept that you have no resources – time and monetary – to analyze and sponsor. Lack of information is usually encountered when the topic is either too specialized or new with limited information at the moment. A topic with limited data could be very hard to explore.

To ensure selecting a research paper topic, one should conduct a preliminary search to examine its viability. Such a search would ensure you have all the information to provide a comprehensive research project. It would be best if you had a reasonable audience to base the research on.

See why you should avoid over-exhausted research topics

#3: Is the Topic Over-Exhausted?

Do not be blinded by the popularity of an over-exploited research topic. Popular topics are easy to explore, as there is pretty information to include in the research paper. Your research may not catch the teachers’ or readers’ attention, as you may report what they already know or familiar with. It is also possible that they won’t be much left to research.

A popular topic may not be a cool research paper to choose, as you may have to duplicate content, even if not intentionally. Your topic does not have to be challenging, but at least not replicating the existing studies.

Here are some of the popular topics to avoid while writing a research paper:

  • Abortion – unless you have a new strategy
  • capital punishment
  • Gun control
  • Bullying in society
  • Politics
  • Race
  • Religion

However, you may use these topics in your research projects, as long as you have a new strategy or idea to address them. Avoid common phrases like the effects of abortion in society.

Here comes the fourth factor of a research topic…

#4: Is the Research Topic Manageable?

Cool research paper or thesis topics should be manageable using the limited resources – time and resources – that you have. Academic projects usually have limited time. You would now want to propose a topic that requires a century to complete, yet you only have a term.

Similarly, do not propose a topic that would need a huge budget to accomplish unless you can afford it. The topic should be practical. Remember, you have other coursework and projects to complete.

And lastly,…

#5: Does it Fit Your Professor’s Guidelines?

Do not be carried away in finding a cool research topic that interests you, and forget the professor’s guidelines or instructions, or even suggestions. After all, the professor would be the one grading your project. Remember, you are not writing the research topic for yourself.

If you are taking a nursing course, deciding to research corporate governance’s corporate performance impact will probably not be accepted. However, the impact of taxation on the sustainability of private hospitals would probably be approved.

No matter how interesting or popular a research topic is, always seek the professor’s approval before selecting it.

Below are four things that you should remember while writing a research paper.

Transforming Topics into Great Research Paper

Having a good topic does not guarantee that your research project will be outstanding. Actually, you can have a nice topic but still, write a low-quality paper. The success of research depends on several factors other than the research topic.

For instance, your understanding of the audience, their interests, and language level impacts your project’s success. Also, you need to conduct relevant research, familiarize yourself with the topic and consult. However, as long as you can find a research gap and suggest a relevant topic, you can write an outstanding paper.

There are four basic things that you should remember while writing a research paper – they really matters.

Here they are…

A. Identify and Understand the Audience

Before getting started, it would help if you identify the scope of your research. Most importantly, understanding the target audience would help you to propose an appropriate topic and language style. Use terms and examples that are familiar to your audience.

The audience also determines the level of complexity and analysis you should consider. For instance, if your audience is illiterate, you should use simple language toughout the paper. However, if you are adressing professors or fellow students, address what they will find interesting.

Use a topic that seems interesting or that which the audience will find interesting to read. It would help if you don’t just state the obvious, but rather, be more specific and interesting.


B. Your Topic Makes or Ruins Your Paper

By now, you understand what a cool research paper topic for college entails. What factor of a research topic that you find the most interesting? There are more factors, feel free to share…sharing is caring. Leave a comment.

Before proposing a topic, make sure you have conducted appropriate research. Actually, researching is the most important aspect of a research project. A research project aims to examine your researching capabilities. So, conduct extensive research.

It would be best if you spent more time brainstorming the best research topic. Explore what other people have written on the topic. You can also order our research paper topic selection services. Also, feel free to ask us any questions regarding the basics of selecting a topic or any other concern.

C. A Cool Research Topic Equals a Good Research Project

The thesis statement is the most important aspect of essay and research paper writing. It would be hard to support a weak thesis. A good thesis should grasp the reader’s attention and make them curious to read more.

While writing a thesis statement(s), avoid making common arguments. A unique thesis may be more appealing to the professor or the intended reader(s).

D. Seeking Different Opinion

This is a key secret in selecting an appropriate and researchable research topic.

Seek genuine advice from friends/classmates or even professor about whether your research topic is relevant and researchable. They are more likely to give an objective opinion.

If you order a research paper online, make sure you read and edit it before submission. Under no circumstances should you be lazy.

Summary: Tips for Selecting Cool Research Paper Topics

The ability to explore previous research, identify gap and suggest a question that seek to address the gap is fundamental in research paper writing. As much as finding an appropriate topic is fundamental, remember remember that you need more than a topic to write an outstanding research project.

Some of the elements to remember before selecting a topic for your research project, essay or thesis include;

  • The topic should be rigorous – to maintain quality
  • It should be verifiable or provable using data – qualitative or quantitative data or both
  • Research topics should be controllable or measurable – like weight and age
  • It should be clear, concise and valid – avoid vagueness
  • A topic should also be original, sequential and coherent
  • Lastly, your research topic should be accurate

Now that we understand the elements of a good research paper topic, let’s summarize the factors of a good topic.

A topic is appropriate or good if…

  • It interests you
  • There is the availability of materials to support it
  • It is not over-exploited
  • You can manage to work on it using available resources
  • It meets the professor’s requirements

Our next articles would list over 1,000 cool research paper topics in education, pediatric, law, and crime, obesity, and gynaecology, among other fields. Should you a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment.

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