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113 Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Everyone

    Do you want some easy and original compare and contrast essay topics on which you can write your paper? This article will first take you through the topic selection process and then outline relatable topics in, among others, technology, healthcare, education, and business.

    But first, what is a compare and contrast essay? Well, it’s a multi-paragraph piece of academic writing that explains how at least two subjects (ideas, people, places, opinions, or thoughts) are similar or different. It falls under the expository types of essays. Comparing means focusing on the similarities, differences, or both, while contrasting gives more attention to the disparities.

    When writing such papers, you should first identify a topic and find the most suitable comparison basis. For instance, you can compare two countries based on their economic growth or development. Before listing some topics on which you can write your paper, let’s understand the topic selection process.

    How to Find an Original Essay Topic

    Finding a relevant topic – especially for thesis and research papers- has given students headaches. To avoid such instances, first, understand the instructions. Is the topic pre-determined by the professor? Are you allowed to choose one on your own? Always read the prompt inside out.

    Then, brainstorm ideas. If you’re allowed to choose your topic, think of ideas on which you may want to write your essay. Also, you should welcome and critique other people’s views.

    Now, select a researchable topic. You should be able to read and understand the literature. What do other writers say about the topic you want to investigate? Or, what did they miss out on? Any research gap? Will you manage to address the topic using available resources? If not, move to the next idea.

    Then, list some keywords you’d like to emphasize while writing your essay. And be flexible – bear in mind that it could be possible to rephrase the thesis or topic during the writing process. Hence, your topic should not be too narrow or rigid. However, please don’t make it too broad as well.

    Furthermore, define your topic as a question. For instance, ask yourself why you selected the topic and how you will present the ideas. Then conduct background research on the issue. It will help you understand the topic and conclude whether you still want to explore it.

    Finally, formulate a thesis statement and proceed to write your paper. Though, you can bypass this tedious process by picking any of the topics outlined herein. Or modify one to suit your liking or your professor’s instructions. Alternatively, you can ask for help from professional writers.

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    Let’s explore some great and funny compare and contrast essay topics.

    Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

    SmartWrite is the best website to run to when you’re stuck writing research papers or essays. And since we understand that finding a unique topic could be tricky, we did the hard job for you. Read through our topic examples and pick at least one that interests you.

    General Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

    You could be asked to compare and contrast:

    • Active and passive transport
    • Articles of confederation and the constitution
    • Chronological and methodology reviews
    • Operant conditioning is more practical than classical conditioning
    • Aldehydes and ketones
    • Sympatric vs. allopatric speciation
    • Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa
    • Apartheid in Europe and South Africa
    • Benign and malignant tumors
    • Descriptive and inferential statistics
    • Greek and Roman artworks
    • Consultancy proposal and consultancy contract
    • What’s more urgent, creativity or innovation?
    • Horticultural societies with agricultural societies
    • Hurricanes and tornadoes
    • Infrared and ultraviolet spectrophotometry
    • Is innovation more important than invention?
    • Your DNA with that of a tomato
    • Descriptive Statistics are better than infernal statistics.
    • The direct and indirect methods of contouring
    • Driving in the winter and driving in the summer
    • Expert and process models of consultancy

    Best Compare & Contrast Topics on Technology

    If you’re an undergraduate student in the field of technology, you can as well compare and contrast:

    • Computers and manual typewriters
    • ROM (Read Only Memory) and RAM (Read Access Memory)
    • Static and dynamic IP address
    • Bluetooth technologies are better than wifi technologies
    • Life with and without Facebook or social media?
    • Samsung phones and Apple phones.
    • Internet of Things and Machine learning
    • The variation between memory and human memory
    • Reversible and irreversible cell injury
    • RISC and CISC architecture/computers
    • Email messaging and traditional postal service
    • Hardware and software
    • Zoom vs. Google meet

    Great Biology or Healthcare Essay Topics

    • Are US healthcare systems better than UK’s systems?
    • DNA vs. RNA
    • Similarities and differences between animal and plant cells
    • Vaccines vs. antitoxins
    • Sexual and asexual reproduction
    • A virus is worse than a Bacteria infection
    • Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Respiration
    • Is Type 1 worse than Type 2 Diabetes?
    • Veins, arteries, and capillaries
    • Cellular respiration and photosynthesis
    • Is lung cancer more severe than skin cancer?
    • Mitosis and meiosis
    • Growth and development in human beings

    Compare & Contrast Essay Topics on Education

    • Is life with a personal tutor better than life without
    • MLA, Harvard, and APA referencing styles
    • The 7-4-2-3 system is more relevant than the 8-4-4 system
    • Are books better than movies?
    • Essays and research papers
    • Qualitative vs. qualitative data
    • Life in college is more demanding than life in high school
    • Going to university vs. getting employed
    • Life with or without education
    • Longitudinal and transverse waves
    • Are private universities better than public ones?
    • Oral and written communication
    • Is the Western education system more advanced than the Islamic one?

    Business Compare & Contrast Essay Topics

    • Economic growth and development in the US or Canada?
    • Leadership, management, and power
    • Financial accounting and cost accounting
    • Is the balance sheet more important than the income statement?
    • Free market and command economy
    • Financial and managerial accounting
    • Goods and services
    • Internal audit is more prominent than external audit
    • International business and international trade
    • Comparing Real and nominal GDP
    • Is a sole proprietorship better than a partnership?
    • Traditional commerce and e-commerce
    • Two top trade unions in Canada

    Top Religion Compare & Contrast Topics

    • How Judaism, Christianity, and Islam differ.
    • The African way of worship before and after colonization
    • Religion and Philosophy
    • Abraham and Moses
    • The Bible and Quran
    • Religion in Africa before and after colonization
    • Morality vs. ethics or culture
    • Catholics and Protestants before and after the 19th century
    • Hinduism and Buddhism essay
    • Religion before and after the 10th century
    • Life with religion and with not
    • Quran Hadith and hadith Qudsi
    • Judaism concepts and beliefs before and after the 20th century

    Funny or Hilarious Compare & Contrast Topics

    • Normal photo or selfie.
    • Visiting friends or online chat.
    • Internet or Library?
    • Drawing pictures and capturing pictures
    • Big Shaq and SPY
    • Compare and contrast any two celebrities of your choice
    • Offering and being given gifts
    • Comparing males and females
    • Lions and tiger
    • Sunrise and a Moonrise
    • Life on the moon and earth
    • Facebook and Twitter
    • Mom and dad

    Bonus Compare & Contrast Essay Topics

    • An essay on Heat and temperature
    • Heat exhaustion is worse than heat stroke
    • Horizontal integration and vertical integration
    • Jamestown and Plymouth
    • Freud Piaget and Erikson theories
    • Functionalism and conflict theory essay
    • How do Isoquant and indifference curves differ
    • Z distribution and T distribution
    • Facilitated diffusion and active transport
    • FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA techniques
    • Freedom is way better than liberty, do you agree?
    • Globalism and informational
    • Greedy algorithms and dynamic programming


    I hope you have some ideas to consider while finding a topic to write your comparison paper on. These topics are dominant on the web and have pretty information to write on.

    Should you need to be more specific, consider narrowing down or concentrating on a particular region. However, before picking a particular one, confirm if it is relevant to your area. Then conduct enough background research to confirm if research materials are available.

    Which of the 113 compare and contrast essay topics will you be writing your next comparison paper on? If you didn’t find a suitable one, contact us, and we’ll advise you and consider updating the article soon. If you did, please share the article with the close ones. You can also request professional help from our experts to turn your essay topic into a fantastic piece of writing. Order an A+ Custom Essay Now.