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Great Argumentative Essay Topics

99 Great Argumentative Essay Topics for Students in 2022

    An argument is “the act or process of arguing, reasoning, or discussing.” Hence, an argumentative essay, derived from this term, is a type of academic writing that presents and defends the writer’s position on a particular topic. It should be based on a controversial topic. And if you’re struggling to find a suitable one, this article has 99 topics you can turn into a great argumentative essay.

    While writing this kind of paper, you should analyze your topic in detail. Always conduct ‘enough’ conduct background research on your subject to collect, generate and evaluate evidence. Then establish a position and back it up with data and examples from relevant sources.

    How do you know if a topic is suitable for you or not? Here’re the four major factors to consider:

    What is a Good Argumentative Essay Topic?

    A qualified writer can differentiate between a good and a bad topic. And it’s not that complicated to tell if a topic is arguable. Here’s the formula – the four most essential factors to consider before settling on a particular topic, whether you’re writing an essay or preparing for a class debate.

    1. What’s Your Interest? Do not make the mistake of selecting a topic that doesn’t interest you unless you don’t have the freedom to choose the topic. An exciting topic would be more appealing in a debate to the participants, and the discussion will be more lively. Likewise, if you are writing a persuasive essay, you’d be more willing to explore deeper into a topic that pleases you.
    2. Does the argument have Potential? Always find a debatable topic for your argumentative essay. And you can evaluate your argument by considering if the premises provide enough logical support for the conclusion. Are the premises true? Which side has more support and why?
    3. Availability of Materials. Can you manage to write an outstanding essay using the available resources? What type of sources has information on the topic? Any peer-reviewed articles? What data can you access to defend and justify your position? Is the data or information current?
    4. What’s the Professor’s Direction? Don’t get blinded by the interestingness of the topic and forget the instructions. Are you allowed to find your essay topic, or a specific one is assigned to you? If a topic is preselected, you’d have no option but to stick to it unless you want your paper to fail, which I doubt you do. Either way, conduct sufficient background research to understand the issue at hand.

    99 Great Argumentative Essay Topics

    Here are some great topics on which you can write your argumentative research paper or persuasive essay. Feel free to select one and twist it to comply with the professor’s instructions or your liking.

    Best Argumentative Essay Topics in Education

    • Are essay writing companies legal or worth it?
    • Is plagiarism getting worse?
    • Should students be able to grade their teachers?
    • Extracurricular activities are a waste of students’ time, do you agree?
    • Private schooling is always better than public schooling
    • Should exams or homework be abolished in universities?
    • Do sports activities affect learners’ grades?
    • The government should incur college tuition, do you agree?
    • Which is the best way to deal with cyberbullying in your school?

    Debatable Topics in Technology & Social Media

    • Does praying more games makes you more intelligent?
    • Does technology help (or encourage) us to waste time?
    • Should Facebook be stopped from collecting users’ data?
    • Do you think electric cars are better than manual cars?
    • Is replacing human workers with machines and robots unethical?
    • How should culprits of cybersecurity be punished?
    • To what extent should online reviews be trusted?
    • Cell phone radiation is dangerous and should be limited.
    • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be encouraged globally.

    Best Gender-Based Argumentative Essay Topics

    • Why are there more men in leadership than women?
    • Is it boys or girls who experience more pressure to have perfect bodies?
    • Do you support equal rights for men and women in society?
    • What should the community do to fight gender-based violence against women?
    • Is school more favorable for boys than for girls?
    • Do you think same-sex marriage is good or bad?
    • Legislators should abolish baby scanning.
    • Why do male victims of domestic violence prefer to remain silent?
    • Do parents have different perceptions/hopes for their daughters and sons?
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    Persuasive Essay Topics on Health & Fitness

    • Is it right for doctors to promote medicines?
    • Should physician-assisted suicide be banned worldwide?
    • The American health care system needs restructuring, do you agree?
    • Is healthcare more of a human right than a need?
    • Why do people seek healthcare in other countries?
    • Which is the best approach to belly fat?
    • How does corruption affect the delivery of healthcare in Africa?
    • Why do governments ban smoking in public places?
    • What is your view on obesity? Is it a disability?

    Great Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports

    • Why are co-curricular activities important in students’ life?
    • Is it right for parents to allow their children to play football?
    • Why should public schools pay college football players?
    • Sports betting should be banned globally.
    • Football is a dangerous game that college students shouldn’t play.
    • College students should concentrate on learning and evade sports.
    • Schools better fund wellness projects rather than sports.
    • Football clubs should compensate their fans.
    • Sports and recreation activities help to reduce crimes among the youth.

    Argumentative Research Topics on Immigration

    • Do you support the Trump administration’s initiative to deport illegal immigrants?
    • Should countries open borders to facilitate the free movement of people and goods?
    • Do Immigrants increase economic inequality?
    • Are undocumented immigrants the main source of crime?
    • Americans should blame emigrants for drug smuggling in the country.
    • Anti-illegal immigration policies and laws are ineffective.
    • Has illegal immigration affected job opportunities in your country?
    • What are some effects or the costs of illegal immigration?
    • Immigrants have significant input in the labor market.

    Top Argumentative Essay Topics on Arts & Media

    • Television is a world of opportunities, do you agree?
    • Has TV succeeded in fighting gender discrimination?
    • Why does bad news sell more than good news?
    • Who’s your favorite CNN host, and why?
    • What are the ten best movies you watched last year?
    • Having a musical trainer will make you more successful.
    • Video games improve one’s intelligence and memory.
    • Why should schools focus more on art than science?
    • Do you think YouTube benefit or exploit artists?

    Persuasive Essay Topics on Nutrition and Well-Being

    • What kinds of fats and oils are healthiest?
    • Is smoking still a problem for teenagers?
    • Humans are vegetarians by nature.
    • Government should increase the drinking age to 20 years.
    • What can you do about childhood obesity?
    • Punishment for smoking in public places should be life imprisonment.
    • Anti-smoking adverts are not effective.
    • Does the FDA Protect the Public?
    • What is the best approach to deal with obesity?

    Topics in Personal Character and Morality

    • Do you think money can buy happiness?
    • Why should we ban animal testing?
    • Why should marijuana be legalized?
    • Let’s legalize the death penalty universally.
    • Humans should stop eating animals.
    • Is abortion still a problem among teenagers?
    • The constitution is a breach of human freedom.
    • Does sex education introduce teenagers to immoralities?
    • Should parents be able to modify their unborn children?

    Great Science-Related Argumentative Essay Topics

    • We can reverse and slow down aging.
    • Can scientists help us to beat old age and live longer lives?
    • We should not replace human limbs with technology.
    • Whose responsibility is it to address climate change?
    • Why should people be advised to buy generic medicines?
    • Can marijuana ease mental health conditions?
    • Why should science in high school be optional?
    • Should an alcoholic be allowed a liver transplant?
    • Is pedigree breeding an unethical practice?

    Best Topics for Economics and Business Studies

    • An unpaid internship is a form of oppression.
    • Governments should lower or increase corporate taxes.
    • Are regulations on minimum-wage rates effective?
    • We should blame the government for the high unemployment rates.
    • Is income tax a tax on professional success?
    • How do taxes affect the economy in the long run?
    • Does demonetization have any economic benefits?
    • Tax fraud should be considered waging war against the nation.
    • Democracy and capitalism are two sides of the same coin.


    An argumentative is a genre of essay that presents two sides of an argument and then focuses on persuading or convincing the audience why one side has more weight than the other.

    While writing one, you should find a controversial topic first. And then, conduct background research, identify data supporting both sides of the argument, and take a stance based on the data.

    Before selecting a topic for your argumentative or persuasive essay, or debate class, you should:

    • Make sure it interests you.
    • Consider the availability of materials.
    • Confirm if the argument has potential, and
    • Analyze the essay instructions.

    The article outlines debatable topics on education, technology, social media, gender, health and fitness, sports, and immigration. It also covers other subjects like arts and media, nutrition and well-being, personal character and molarity, science and economics, and business studies. Check also these compare and contrast essay topics. And then let us know if you have any questions.

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