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150+ Best Argumentative Essay Topics for Learners in 2022

Finding debatable topics for your argumentative or persuasive essay can be challenging. But not anymore! This article depicts the four factors you should consider before settling on a topic. It also outlines over 150 controversial topics that you’re free to use in your papers.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

The word argumentative is derived from ‘argument,’ which means “the act or process of arguing, reasoning, or discussing.”

So, argumentative (or persuasive essay) is a genre of essay that aims to persuade or convince the audience to understand the other side of the argument.

While writing this kind of paper, you should analyze a controversial topic in detail. Remember that it aims to persuade the audience to agree with your point of view.

Thus, you need to investigate a topic, conduct background research to collect, generate and evaluate evidence, and establish a position on the topic concisely.

Let’s first outline factors that will help you decide whether a topic is appropriate for your paper or not.

What is a Good Argumentative Essay Topic?

A qualified writer can differentiate between a good and a bad topic. And when it comes to argumentative writing, a good topic should let the audience and participants learn about both sides of an argument or issue.

Before selecting a topic, these are the four most fundamental factors to consider:

What’s Your Interest?

Do not make a blunder of selecting a topic that doesn’t interest you. An exciting topic would be more appealing in a debate to the participants, and the discussion will be more lively.

Similarly, if you are writing a persuasive essay, you’d be more willing to explore deeper into a topic that pleases you.

Does the Argument have Potential?

Be sure to select a debatable topic for your argumentative essay. Is there a solid argument(s) supporting and countering the controversy? If there are limited materials, your essay will have fewer facts and fail.

Availability of Materials

Can you manage to write an outstanding essay using the available resources? If yes, what do the previous authors say about the topic? Are there any facts supporting your arguments?

What’s the Professor’s Direction?

Do not be blinded by the interestingness of argumentative topics and forget the professor’s prompt. You are writing the essay for your professor and not yourself.

Do the instructions require you to find an essay topic, or has the professor selected one for you already? If a topic is preselected, you’d have no option but to stick to it unless you want your paper to fail.

In either way, make sure you conduct enough background research to understand the issue at hand.

Here comes some amazing topics that you can write your argumentative research paper or persuasive essay on.

Best Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

Here is a list of the 20 best topics to write an awesome argumentative essay. I hope you find at least one for your assignment or debate class.

However, I recommend that you twist it to suit your interest and the professor’s instructions.

  • Are essay writing companies legal or worth it?
  • Is plagiarism getting worse?
  • Should exams or homework be abolished in universities?
  • Should students be able to grade their teachers?
  • Extracurricular activities are a waste of students’ time, do you agree?
  • Private schooling is always better than public schooling
  • Do sports activities affect learners’ grades?
  • The government should incur college tuition, do you agree?
  • Students with private tutoring perform better in college than those who do not.
  • Is sex education relevant to students, or should it be abolished?
  • Governments should allow corporal purnishment in schools
  • Would you rather go to college or get employed?
  • Which is the best way to deal with cyberbullying in your school?
  • Does class size affect students’ grades? Why does it matter?
  • Does student or college ranking really matter?

Debatable Topics on Technology & Social Media

If you want to write a paper on technology and social media, you may consider the following topics.

  • Does praying more games makes you more intelligent?
  • Does technology help (or encourage) us to waste time?
  • Should Facebook be stopped from collecting users’ personal data?
  • Do you think eclectic cars are better than manual cars?
  • Is replacing human workers with machines and robots unethical?
  • How should culprits of cybersecurity be punished?
  • Face-to-face communication is far better than online learning. Discuss.
  • To what extent should online reviews be trusted?
  • Robots have more bad than good to our lives, discuss.
  • Does social media make us more distant?
  • Would you rather read a physical book or a digital version?
  • Cell phone radiation is dangerous and should be limited.
  • Should people lose their jobs because of what they posted on social media?
  • Social media have worsened human communication.
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should be encouraged globally.

Best Gender-Based Argumentative Essay Topics

Here are some awesome argumentative essay topics for your gender-study class. Get at least one and modify it as you see fit.

  • Why are there more men in leadership than women?
  • Is it boys or girls who experience more pressure to have perfect bodies?
  • Do you support equal rights for men and women in society?
  • Women rather elect men in leadership positions than endorse fellow women.
  • Do you oppose or propose feminism?
  • How should the community do to fight gender-based violence against women?
  • Is school more favorable for boys than for girls?
  • What a man can do, a woman can do better? To what extent is this statement true?
  • Legislators should abolish baby scanning.
  • Why do male victims of domestic violence prefer to remain silent?
  • Do parents have different perceptions and hopes for their daughters than their sons?
  • How should boys who comment on girls on the street be punished?
  • Do you think same-sex marriage is good or bad?
  • Are Women Better at Compromising than Collaborating?
  • How would you feel if you were the opposite gender?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Health & Fitness

You can also write your paper on health and fitness on the following topics.

  • Is it right for the doctors to promote medicines?
  • Should physician-assisted suicide be banned worldwide?
  • Should we cease male circumcision?
  • The American health care system needs restructuring, do you agree?
  • Healthcare is more of a human right than a need, do you agree?
  • Why do people seek healthcare in other countries?
  • Which is the best approach to belly fat?
  • Is the cost of healthcare too high? Or, should healthcare be free?
  • How does corruption affect the delivery of healthcare in African countries?
  • Should healthcare be a universal body?
  • The drinking age should be 16 years instead of 18, do you agree?
  • Why do governments ban smoking in public places?
  • Governments should require people to take the Covid-19 vaccine legally.
  • What’s your view on Obesity? Is it a disability?
  • Organ donation (or sale) should be legalized.

Great Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports

Are you pursuing a sport or athletics-related course? For instance, ‘The Fundamentals Of Strength Training Movements,’ ‘Short Course in Sport Management and eSports’ or ‘GWU Sport Management?’

Good news for you! We have some awesome topics on which you’d love to write an argumentative essay.

  • Why are co-curricular activities important to students’ life?
  • Is it right for parents to allow their children to play football?
  • Why should schools be paying college footballers?
  • Sports make you a good student.
  • US schools should take Soccer more seriously than Football.
  • Sports are bad for high school students.
  • College footballers have lost control.
  • Sports betting should be banned globally.
  • Football is a dangerous game that college students shouldn’t play.
  • College students should concentrate on learning and abandon sports.
  • Schools better fund wellness projects rather than sports.
  • Football clubs should compensate their fans.
  • Sports and recreation activities help to reduce crimes amongst the youth.
  • Why should football coaches be role models to their players?
  • Sports should not be segregated by gender.
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Trending Argumentative Research Topics on Immigration

Immigration is a common term for foreign affairs students. Do you remember the Trump administration was deporting illegal or undocumented immigrants into the USA? Are the American Immigrant laws are effective?

If you are looking forward to writing an essay in this field, this could be a great topic idea. However, you can select any of the following subjects.

  • Do you support the Trump administration’s initiative to deport illegal immigrants?
  • Should countries open borders to facilitate the free movement of people between countries?
  • Do Immigrants increase economic inequality?
  • Are undocumented immigrants the major source of crime?
  • Immigrants pose a unique risk today because of terrorism.
  • Citizens should blame Immigrants for drug smuggling in the country.
  • Corruption by port security is to blame for increased illegal immigration.
  • Anti-illegal immigration policies and laws are ineffective.
  • Immigrants abuse the welfare state.
  • Has illegal immigration affected the workplace in your country?
  • What are some effects of the costs of illegal immigration?
  • Immigrants have significant input in the labor market.
  • It’s easy to immigrate to America than to Canada.
  • Just like in Califonia, Immigrants won’t vote for the Republican Party.
  • Failure to enforce the immigration laws will destroy the Rule of Law in the United States.

Top Argumentative Essay Topics on Arts & Media

Some of the jobs you can land after studying Arts and Media Studies include presenter, copywriter, advertising, and writer. You could also become a researcher, broadcast journalist, or social media manager.

Some of the topics that you can write your essay on in this major include:

  • Television is a world of opportunities, do you agree?
  • The TV is too white.
  • Has TV succeeded in fighting against gender discrimination?
  • Does bad news sell more than good news?
  • Is TV becoming obsolete?
  • Do you think art education is important?
  • Who’s your most favorite CNN host?
  • What are your 10 best movies you watched last year?
  • Having a musical trainer will make you more successful.
  • Video games improve one’s intelligence and memory.
  • Is graffiti considered art or vandalism?
  • Why should we study pop culture?
  • Why should schools focus more on art than science?
  • What’s the best way to fight piracy and why?
  • Do you think YouTube benefit or exploit the artists?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Nutrition and Well-Being

Hello, nutarians! We haven’t forgotten you at all. Here are some topics you could consider in your discussion forums or when writing an argumentative or persuasive essay.

These topics are more relevant to nutrition aids, food service associates, chefs, nutrition writers, and health coaches. They could also apply for caterers, health educators, and nutrition assistants.

  • What Kinds of Fats and Oils is Healthiest?
  • Is it healthy to eat canned meat?
  • Is smoking still a problem for teenagers?
  • Drinking and Driving is not a problem anymore.
  • Humans are vegetarians by nature.
  • Government should increase the drinking age to 20 years.
  • Killing animals for food is unethical.
  • What Can You Do About Childhood Obesity?
  • Drug tests should be mandatory in schools.
  • Punishment for smoking in public places should be life imprisonment.
  • Anti-smoking adverts are not effective.
  • Is Bottled Water Safe?
  • Does the FDA Protect the Public?
  • What is the best approach to deal with obesity?
  • Why do people smoke?
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Debatable Topics on Personal Character and Morality

Before we proceed, do you know the meaning of personal character and morality?

On one side, personal character traits are attributes you have towards your activities and challenges. While positive traits can lead to achievement and success, negative traits lead to failure or frustration.

Some examples of good personal traits include integrity, honesty, loyalty, respectfulness, and humility. However, bad personal traits include impatience, chronic sarcasm, not following through, and lacking empathy.

On the other hand, morality is a system of principles and values concerning people’s behaviors generally accepted by society or a particular group.

Therefore, molarity is not a universal principle and depends on societal values. What is moral in a particular community may be immoral in the other.

That being said, let’s list some awesome debate, persuasive or argumentative essay topics on personal character and morality. At least one should work for you.

  • Do you think money can buy happiness?
  • Should we legalize sex workers?
  • Why should we ban animal testing?
  • Is it possible to live without God?
  • Why should marijuana be legalized?
  • Let’s legalize the death penalty universally.
  • Should prisoners vote?
  • Humans should stop eating animals.
  • We should ban alcohol and smoking.
  • Is abortion still a problem among teenagers?
  • Constitution is a breach of human freedom.
  • Does sex education introduce teenagers to immoralities?
  • We can leave better without a constitution.
  • Should parents be able to modify their unborn children?
  • Do GMOs help or harm people?

Great Science-Related Argumentative Essay Topics

Hi scientists! This section is for you. Are you pursuing physics, mathematics, forensic science, biology, good science, molecular biology, or chemistry? Well, we have some awesome debate topics for you.

  • We can reverse and slow down ageing.
  • Can scientists help us to beat old age and live longer lives?
  • Can we survive without scientists?
  • Do climate change worries you?
  • We should not replace human limbs with technology.
  • Whose responsibility is it to address the climate change community or governments?
  • Why should people be advised to buy generic medicines?
  • Is there life on Mars (or any other planet)?
  • Can marijuana ease mental health conditions?
  • Why should science in high school be optional?
  • Should an alcoholic be allowed a liver transplant?
  • Is pedigree breeding an unethical practice?
  • Is earth curvature a fact or fiction?
  • Do you think life after death (reincarnation) is possible?
  • Humans are the main cause of global warming.

Trending Debate Topics for Economics & Business Studies

Are you a business or economics student? We understand that the economic stability of our world is in your hands. Here is a list of the most relevant topics for your argumentative or persuasive essays.

You could pick at least three topics that interest you, analyze them, and then settle on the most relevant one. Don’t forget to consider the availability of enough materials at your disposal and the essay instructions.

  • An unpaid internship is a form of oppression.
  • Governments should lower or increase corporate taxes.
  • Foreign and local corporations should be taxed equally.
  • Are regulations on minimum-wage rates effective?
  • Religion organizations and leaders should not pay taxes.
  • Why should the government tax us?
  • We should blame the government for the high unemployment rates in the country.
  • Is income tax a tax on professional success?
  • How do taxes affect the economy in the long run?
  • Do perfect markets exist?
  • Credit cards should be restricted to persons with incomes above the national average.
  • Does demonetization have any economic benefits?
  • Developed countries should stop giving grants to poor counters; it’s making them lazy.
  • Tax fraud should be considered waging war against the nation.
  • Democracy and capitalism are two sides of the same coin.

By now, you should have at least one topic for your argumentative research paper or assignment.


An argumentative (or persuasive essay) is a genre of essay that aims to persuade or convince the audience to understand the other side of the argument.

And while writing one, you should find a debatable or controversial topic, conduct background research on both sides of the argument, and take a stance.

Before selecting a topic for your argumentative or persuasive essay, you should:

  • Make sure it interests you.
  • Consider the availability of materials
  • The argument has potential, and
  • The professor’s directions or essay instructions.

The article outlines 15 debatable topics on education, technology, social media, gender, health and fitness, sports, and immigration.

We also covered topics in arts and media, nutrition and wellbeing, personal character and molarity, science and economics, and business studies.

If you still need help, let us are available 24/7. Let’s help you find a great topic for your research paper, term paper, thesis, or essay. Hire our Writers Now!